We can establish relationships of trust
with patients though we never meet them.

Nitto Medic is moving forward based on the two pillars of the contracted manufacture of ophthalmic solutions, and the manufacture and sales of our own ophthalmic drugs.
We do not meet patients in person as users of our products.
We,however, firmly support them in pursuit of uncompromising products and user-oriented services,and wish to broaden and deepen the established relationships of trust with each user.

Nitto Medic manufactures sterile external preparations, such as ophthalmic solutions, ophthalmic ointments,
nasal sprays, and eyewash solutions,
and responds to the contracted manufacture
of a wide variety of products.
◎ Main products manufactured:
Ophthalmic solutions, ophthalmic ointments, eyewash solutions, nasal sprays, and other sterile external preparations
Centering on prescription drugs, such as ophthalmic solutions, ophthalmic ointments, and nasal sprays,
Nitto Medic manufactures and sells medical supplies
for in-vitro diagnosis besides OTC eyewash solutions.
◎ Main products manufactured and sold:
Ophthalmic solutions, ophthalmic ointments, nasal sprays, oral drugs, in-vitro diagnostics, and eyewash solutions