What is the best differs
from product to product.

Manufacturing the best promptly and infallibly.

We respond to a variety of requests for the manufacture of commissioned products based on accumulated manufacture technology in high-quality manufacture facilities under a highly advanced quality control system. We receive information on the specifications of products, such as the container sizes and shapes and the package designs, as well as the quality and releasing schedules of the products. Then we flexibly respond to the customers' requests by taking into consideration necessary materials, production equipment, and line configurations for the products. We advance the development of containers that meet customers' demands and allow ease of stable production with high quality maintained. While repeating communication with the customers, we operate the best production line precisely for each product. Furthermore, we have a special production system that perfectly separates steroid drugs and general drugs in Formulation Building #3 in response to requests for the maintenance of more advanced quality and safety.

◎ Main products manufactured:
Ophthalmic solutions, ophthalmic ointments, eyewash solutions,
nasal sprays, and other sterile external preparations