hings handed over from people to people.

It is people who manufacture and sell drugs irreplaceable to patients.

People make preparations and operate manufacturing equipment and systems in production lines. I think that product reliability and eventually product quality depend on the technology and willingness of the people regardless of whether the lines are operated automatically or manually. Moreover, value added to drugs delivered to patients varies with the knowledge, information, and experience of each salesperson who offers the drugs.

From the above viewpoint, it can be said that Nitto Medic's product quality is ultimately rooted in each employee. Therefore, Nitto Medic will continue human resource development and training as an action assignment that must be highly valued.

Presently, Nitto Medic utilizes a teleconference system on the Internet and provides equal training opportunity to the sales staff throughout Japan. Moreover, while striving to enhance the training of production staff, Nitto Medic puts on-the-job training (OJT) into practice.

Today, there is an increasing demand for reliance and safety in various social scenes. Medical supplies must meet the demand at an advanced level.  As President and CEO, I will continue maintaining self-discipline in the production and the sales of the medical supplies. Furthermore, every employee continues tackling work with a sense of mission. Nitto Medic continues fulfilling all users' expectations based on the passion of service-minded staff members.