Nitto medic company

Corporate Name Nitto Medic Co., Ltd.
Name of Representative Ryu Nakai, President and CEO
Address 1-14-1 Yasuuchi, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama-shi, Toyama,Japan
Date of establishment March 24, 1994
Capital 272 million yen(as of March 2010)
Business Activities 1. Production, sale, and export and import of medical supplies,
quasi drugs, veterinary drugs, and ethical drugs
2. Contract testing necessary for production
of investigational new drugs and for sale of pharmaceuticals
3. All other pharmaceutical-related products and services
Fiscal year Beginning May 21 and ending May 20 in the following year
Main bank Hokuriku Bank,Development Bank of japan,Mizuho Bank,
Shoko Chukin Bank,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Number of employees 396 (251 male employees and 145 female employees) as of May 2010
Registration of
production and
sales business
Nitto Medic CO., Ltd
First-class Marketing Authorization Holders: License number 16A1X00013
Second-class Marketing Authorization Holders: License number 16A2X00060
Second-class Veterinary Drug Manufacturer and Distributor:
License Number 18 drug manufacturer and distributor

Yatsuo Factory,Nitto Medic Co.,Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Product Marketing Authorization Holder: License number 16AZ000383
Quasi-drug Manufacturer: License number 16DS005004
Veterinary Drug Manufactuer: License Number 18 Drug manufacturer 42

Product Center (Distribution Center),Nitto Medic Co.,Ltd.
Second-class Veterinary Drug Manufacture and Sale: License number 18-Drug manufacture and sale II-14
Whole Seller: License Number TomiOroshi 1-0266 Veterinary Drug Whole Seller: License Numbeer Toh 1-0029