A repeated routine ensures safety
as a matter of course.

Processes without compromise make high quality.

Beginning with the acceptance of raw materials, Nitto Medic manufactures medical supplies through the weighing, filling, packing stages, and ships the packaged products. Nitto Medic uses integrated production lines and manufactures a wide variety of ophthalmic solutions and eye ointments, ranging from containers with 5mL ophthalmic solutions to high-capacity containers that are 500mL in capacity. Nitto Medic's eye ointments product line, in particular, is a rare one in Japan, which supports the stable supply of products to patients throughout Japan. There are strict rules for all the employees engaged in production processes, such as the labeling, inspection, and box packaging of products, as well as the operation staff of manufacturing equipment for sterile drug products. They wear dust-free garments in specified locker rooms and take air showers to eliminate the dust on the garments as much as possible before entering the production areas. They keep in mind that they do not carry in any foreign substances as the most important basic requirement. The production of highly reliable, high-quality medical supplies starts with their observance of these rules.

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