There is no end in
Nitto Medic's development.

Communication supports quality

Providing information : A variety of information is generated in the process of manufacturing medical supplies. The presentation of such information is one of Nitto Medic's business routine items based on GMP and a core hat supports the bases of quality. Nitto Medic discloses information to our patients, and receives the customers' instructions. Moreover, Nitto Medic makes precise professional proposals for the solution of the problems from the production spots. We consider that deeper communication with customers is indispensable to the stabilization and betterment of product quality.

Attaching importance to the calibration of measuring meters

Equipment maintenance inspection : Nitto Medic performs the maintenance inspection and servicing of production equipment and supporting installations on a daily basis. Nitto Medic attaches importance to the calibration of measuring meters, in particular. Delicate measuring meters may result in secular changes or degradation depending on the frequency of use. Nitto Medic uses traceable equipment that always maintains precision to inspect all measuring meters, performs careful calibration, and realizes the constant manufacture of products of stable quality.

Responding to all requirements for eyes.

Product development : Common antiseptic contained in ophthalmic solutions may sometimes damage the cornea. Nitto Medic manufactures and provides antiseptic-free ophthalmic solutions to patients who receive damage in their eyes from ophthalmic solutions. The Third Preparation Building is advancing a plan to introduce a production line of antiseptic-free ophthalmic solutions. Nitto Medic as an expert of eye protection and support is tackling the manufacture of all products needed for eyes.

Wishing for the better future

Reduction of environmental impacts : Nitto Medic uses unique plastic boxes besides carton boxes to transport materials and products. We introduce this transport system not only forquality/hygienic control,but also resouce saving by continuous use. Based on its efforts accumulated in everyday work, Nitto Medic aims at acquiring the certification of Eco-Action 21, an environmental management system established by the Ministry of Environment, and advances the reduction of environmental impacts in various fields. The Third Preparation Building is in pursuit of the reduction at the highest level from the viewpoint of energy saving. All commercial vehicles used by the salespeople are hybrid cars. Nitto Medic encourages its employees to change their commutation vehicles to energy-saving cars. Furthermore, Nitto Medic is tackling environmental problems in the hope of being a company that will take part in the creation of the better future.