The Future for Protection of Pupils Begins here.

We give top priority to gaining reliance from patients.
Nitto Medic's Third Preparation Building was constructed in order to earnestly
attain the production of medical supplies at a level higher than ever before.
We continue protecting the future of pupils at this newly built base that is in harmony
with the environment and in conformity with the world's production standards.

Production Standards in Response to Needs

Conforming to the world's production standards
The Third Preparation Building has dedicated production areas for steroid drugs and general drugs perfectly separated from each other, thus meeting the requirements of American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as Japanese Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
A production system meeting a wide variety of demands
The Third Preparation Building makes it possible to manufacture a wide variety of medical supplies including preservative-free eye-drop solutions as well as general and ethical ophthalmic solutions.
An achievement in the efficiency of production
With the integrated systems of production that cover weighing, preparation, filling, and shipment the production efficiency is improved.

Harmony with the Environment

Efficient use of energy
Airtight roofs along with heat insulation walls made of heat insulation materials prevent thermal conduction and enhance energy savings.
Reduction of CO2 emissions
The introduction of a variety of energy-saving installations under the centralized monitoring control ideally suppresses the energy consumption of the Third Preparation Building.
An environment- and people-friendly
decontamination method
Hydrogen peroxide gas, which decomposes in a short time and becomes harmless, is used for the decontamination of the clean rooms.

Comfortable Work Environment

Work environment management by zone classification
The optimum maintenance of the work environment is realized with changing working-clothes on a zone-to-zone basis and with the monitoring control of air conditioning.
Smooth work supported by visual effects
Each workspace adopts as many windows as possible in the aim of ensuring better visual communication with the outside, thus realizing an improvement in work efficiency.
Visitors' path
Visitors can see the latest production facilities without changing their clothes.