Making never-ending improvements in the aim of providing user-friendly products.

We cannot directly meet users of ophthalmic solution that we product. However, we never forget our patients keeping the ophthalmic solutions on hand as indispensable medical products. All our employees keep in mind not lose any of our patients' trust, and our daily activities and plans are based on that concept. Taking pride in the production and sale of medical supplies, we are making never-ending improvement with a sense of mission in earn our patients' trust.

In Pursuit of a Better Tomorrow.

The basics of the production of medical supplies are the cost suppression of products of highly reliable quality to mitigate users’ burdens and the continuous technical researches on the stable supply of products from hardware and software viewpoints. We ensure product quality by providing all information and making timely arrangements as well as performing thoroughgoing quality control at all stages ranging from the acceptance stage of raw materials to the manufacture and shipment stages of products. We are always in pursuit of the further expansion and development of our production system, and our staff members expanding sales activities have expertise in the latest pharmaceutical research and development. Every employee of Nitto Medic is conducting daily activities for a better tomorrow.