An advanced mechanism is efficiently employed by the right people.

It can be said that equipment constituting a production line is an indispensable partner for the constant production of reliable medical supplies. Nitto Medic has been making progress in the introduction of advanced equipment and utilizing the versatile functions of the equipment to realize optimum production lines meeting each condition. Moreover, the staff members as equipment experts take charge in the validation of equipment at the time of introduction, daily maintenance, inspection, and servicing of the equipment, and make every technical effort toward the constant and stable operation of all the installations.

The Third Preparation Building

The completion of the new plant with cutting-edge equipment and a world-level environment greatly increased Nitto Medic's productive capacity. Nitto Medic has a special production system that perfectly separates steroid drugs and general drugs, thus continuing the stable supply of ethical drugs of higher quality at low prices.

Preparation Equipment for water used in our manufacturing process

Water is a quality base of the manufacture of ophthalmic solutions. Nitto Medic produces sterile purified water in an ultra filtering method, and maintains the high quality of the water as one of the important materials of ethic drugs.

Filling Machine

The filling machine in appropriate tank capacity and filling speed control flexibly supports a wide variety of container shapes according to each type of product. The filling machine is available to the manufacture of a wide variety of products in small quantities as well as mass production.

Shrink-tack Label: Labeling Wrapping: Packaging

A shrink-tack label is put onto each product after the filling stage. The serial number and expiration date is printed onto the product. After checking the accuracy of the label, the product is automatically packaged into a box according to the packaging specifications of the product. A series of work makes progress efficiently in a clean room.

Palletizing Robot (Packaging)

A consistent management system is employed, where robots load products in carton boxes onto pallets automatically. The products are wrapped and transferred to a product warehouse that keeps the products under an optimum environment untill the shipping time.