1. 1 Weighing
    [ Process of weighing raw materials ]

    Weigh raw materials (powder / liquid)

    Appropriate size of electronic balances and weighing machines are used according to the raw materials.

  2. 2 Preparation
    [ Process of making chemicals ]

    Put the raw materials in the tank that stores purified water, Stir with the stirring paddle (propeller) in the tank.

    Process of making chemicals
    Process of making chemicals

    The chemical solution is aseptically filtered by sterilizing filter.

  3. 3 Filling
    [ Process of filling chemical solution to a container and capping ]

    Filling a sterilized chemical solution to sterilized container and attach the inner plug and cap.

    The filling area is kept clean environment due to aseptic area.

  4. 4 Packaging

    The filled product is checked if any foreign materials are existing inside by foreign materials inspection machine.

    A label printed with the product name, expiration date, serial number, etc. is pasted to the product.

    Packaging the labeled products in a box with the package insert. the box are printed with a serial number, expiration date, and an identification code called the GS1 code, same as a labeling.

    Packed products in a cardboard box are loaded on pallets and stored in an automated warehouse.

  5. 5 Shipment

    Products which controlled and assured the quality are shipped to the market.