Message from the President

Ryu Nakai, President and CEO of Nitto Medic Co., Ltd.

Our Vision Is Clear.

On clear, sunny days, Nitto Medic's headquarters building commands a magnificent view of the beautiful Tateyama Mountain Range. The rain and snow that fall on the Tateyama Mountains soak into and enrich the soil of Toyama, helping bring us bountiful harvests. Like the water from the Tateyama Mountains, the pharmaceutical products that Nitto Medic manufactures must bring great benefits to patients. In order to deliver drugs of the highest quality, we continuously focus on our research, honing our skills, and conducting strict inspections of every process from manufacturing to shipment. In addition, our medical representatives (MRs), assigned to locations throughout Japan, collect and provide timely information about pharmaceutical products for health care professionals. Headquartered in Toyama, against a backdrop of the Tateyama Mountain Range, Nitto Medic steadily continues growing. We continually strive to pour the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm of each and every member of our staff into our products, to provide drugs that help patients in Japan and around the world.

Ryu Nakai, President & CEO, Nitto Medic Co., Ltd.

Ryu Nakai