Advanced Facilities with an Eye on the World

Factory and equipment safety is an absolute requirement for the steady manufacture of high-quality drugs. Nitto Medic's Third Preparation Building handles every step, from weighing and preparation through filling, packaging, and shipping, on a single unified line, and features contained areas for high-potency products. This factory also meets world-class manufacturing standards, and features strict. management, both for validation of new equipment and for everyday maintenance and inspections; we place the utmost priority on safety and reliability, as our way of meeting our product supply obligations.

  • The Third Preparation Building

    The Third Preparation Building

    The completion of the new plant with cutting-edge equipment and a world-level environment greatly increased Nitto Medic's productive capacity. Nitto Medic has a special production system that perfectly separates steroid drugs and general drugs, thus continuing the stable supply of ethical drugs of higher quality at low prices.

  • Water Preparation Equipment

    Water Preparation Equipment

    The water used in the manufacturing process is essential to the quality of our ophthalmic solutions. By using an ultrafiltration process to produce purified water, we maintain high water quality levels, for this crucial ingredient in our drugs.

  • Filling Equipment

    Filling Equipment

    We select the appropriate tank capacity, filling speed, and more for each product. This system is also flexible enough to handle containers of diverse shapes, allowing for all kinds of filling operations, from low-volume high-variety production to mass production.

  • Labeling


    Labels are applied to the filled containers, and serial numbers, expiration dates, and other information is printed on. After undergoing inspection by camera for printing errors, the products are automatically packed according to their packaging specifications. All operations are efficiently integrated, and performed in a clean environment.

  • Palletizing Robot

    Palletizing Robot

    Based on an integrated management system that extends through shipment, the products, now packed in cardboard boxes, are automatically stacked on pallets by robots, then wrapped and transferred to the product warehouse, where they are stored in a controlled environment until they are shipped.